Indy the Sulcata Tortoise

(Centrochelys sulcata)


When Was He Born? Spring 2013


What Does He Eat? He is a herbivore and eats a wide variety of greens, herbs, and grasses.


Where Does He Live? Northern Africa, specifically the southern edges of the Sahara Desert.


Here’s An Awesome Fact! Sulcata tortoises are the third largest species of tortoise alive today. As Indy is only three years old he still has a lot of growing to do to reach adult size.

Indy is the youngest of our three tortoises, but he will be one of the largest. Despite his current small size he is fast and can often be seen charging around on the floor at events. This is the same when he is in his garden at Darwin’s Kingdom, he spends a lot of time in the summer exploring and being adventurous. He seems to enjoy having his head scratched and is happy to be around people. When in his enclosure he shows some great natural behaviours including digging burrows in which he sleeps at night. When he attends events we often encourage children to help us in feeding him, something that he greatly enjoys and participates in, as like many tortoises he has a massive appetite.