Do you have a place we can visit?


Unfortunatly not yet.  This is definitely something we are planning for the future but for now we can bring our animals to the comfort of your own home.  You can like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to be kept up to date on this.

Are any of your animals dangerous or venomous?


As individuals none of our animals are dangerous.  However like all animals they have the potential to cause harm if they feel threatened.  Before every event our animals are behaviour assessed to ensure they will tolerate being handled (like humans our animals tend to have 'off days).  We also keep a close eye on our animals' behaviour during events to make sure they are not becoming stressed as the day goes on.


In regards to any of our animals being venomous, none of our animals are included under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act which means we do not need a license to own them.  The animals in the list include a majority of venomous snakes and all venomous lizards.  

The only animals we have that are mildly venomous are our tarantula species.

Are you a fully insured company?


Yes we have full public liability insurance with cover up to £5,000,000.  We are happy to produce evidence of this on request.

We also hold a Performing Animal License administed to us by Elmbridge Council.

Are all your animals handleable?

No, but they are all safe.  Some of our animals are too large for children to hold, or they possess sharp claws that can unintentionally break the skin.  With these sorts of animals we still encourage people to stroke and interact with them as much as possible.  

We do not use our tarantulas for public handling.  Tarantulas are incredibly delicate animals and a drop from a small height can kill them instantly or cause them great harm.  Because of this we choose not to encourage handling except in controlled environments such as adult fear workshops.

There are some members of the Darwin's Kingdom family that cannot be handled at all.  These select animals do not attend events but may sometimes be seen on display at fetes and other public events.