Kevin Bacon the Rhinoceros Rat Snake

(Rhynchophis boulengeri)


When Was He Born? Spring 2014


What Does He Eat? He is a carnivore, eating whole prey such as mice.


Where Does He Live? Across Vietnam and China.


Here’s An Awesome Fact! The distinctive nose of the rhinoceros rat snake is surprisingly not part of the skeletal structure and is instead made up of scales.  As a result the nose is actually flexible.

Bacon (as he is know for short) is the newest snake in the Darwin’s Kingdom family.  He still has some growing to do but currently measures at around one and a half feet in length.  Due to his small size and thin stature he is not recommended for handling with young children.  However for general handling he is great.  He can be a little bit shy at first but settles down quickly to become a curious snake. The colour of rhinoceros rat snakes changes as they grow.  Currently he is transitioning between the silver/grey colour of a juvenile snake into the bright green of an adult snake.