Bourbon the Aldabra Tortoise

(Aldabrachelys gigantea)


When Was He Born? 2013


What Does He Eat? He is a herbivore and eats a wide variety of greens, herbs, and grasses.


Where Does He Live? Aldabra Atoll, an island in the Seychelles.


Here’s An Awesome Fact! Aldabra tortoises are the second largest species of tortoise on this planet, with the Galapagos tortoise holding the record for the largest. Bourbon is only three years old so still have much growing to do before he reaches his full adult size.

Bourbon is a peaceful creature who will grow to be a gentle giant. He is incredibly calm and even though he is still very young in regards to tortoise years he appears to act like an older adult. He seems to benefit from some luxuries, preferring to eat his food in his bath than on the ground like our other tortoises. He has also been caught many times asleep with food still in his mouth. In the summer months when our tortoises are allowed access to the Darwin’s Kingdom garden, he is more likely to be sunbathing next to our team members, rather than foraging and exploring. We endeavour to keep our animal photos updated but due to Bourbon growing at such a healthy rate his size may not be accurately represented in his current photo.