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Who Are We?


Based in Surrey, we are an independent organisation specialising in exotic animal education through our fantastic interactive experiences.  If you have ever wanted to get up-close with amazing animals such as geckos, snakes, tree frogs and more, then we are the people to make it happen. 

Reptiles often have a reputation for being scary or unpleasant, and that is why we put a strong emphasis on education in a positive setting.  Our experiences are specifically tailored to be informative while also being fun for all ages! We provide a complete hands-on experience where you can meet and handle our animals, learn more about them and have a truly memorable time. 

We have the ability to work in a wide variety of settings including, but not limited to: 

Birthday Parties (for all ages, not just kids!)

School Groups

Youth Groups & Scout Groups

Charity Events & Fetes

Wedding Receptions & Other Large Gatherings

Interested In Our Services?


Due to the flexibility of our services, we always recommend contacting us directly for a personalised quote. 

We do, however, offer some basic packages and pricing, which you can explore below. We also offer a special discount for registered charities!

 Family Session


A personal 45-minute experience for a maximum of five people.

One-Hour Party


Our most popular experience! Perfect for parties of up to 25 participants.

School Visits

£150 (+£75 per extra class)

Let us support your curriculum with a unique experience for students.

Extra Animals

£30 per animal

We can bring additional animals to any of our experiences for a small fee.

We Love Our Animals!


Our animals are the heart and soul of our organisation.

When you meet our team, you'll see straight away how much we care for our animals and how passionate we are about our work.  Every single animal we have here at Darwin's Kingdom is a much-loved family pet, and some of them have even come to us as rescue animals in need of extra TLC. 

Working closely with our animals and the public, we always have to make sure our animals are happy and healthy. Our animals are never forced into stressful situations and we monitor their behaviour closely whenever they attend experiences.  Not only does this help our animals, but it also creates a safe environment for our clients and staff.  No one wants to deal with an unhappy lizard or a grouchy snake, and it's certainly not fair on the animals! 

We are always happy to chat about our animals, so if you ever have any questions just drop us a message on any of our social media channels, or send us an email. 

You'll Love Our Team!


We've been running Darwin's Kingdom for over seven years and worked in the animal industry for even longer! As a result, our team are full of interesting animal facts and anecdotes.  Ask us anything about our animals, or just animals in general and we'll be sure to answer as best we can. 

Over the years we have worked with people of all ages and confidence levels and we understand that not everyone is comfortable around our animals.  Our animal experiences are meant to be a fun and positive experience for everyone involved and we are always happy to go at a slower speed if people need some time adjusting to our animals. 

Snake phobia? Not a problem and we certainly won't be offended.  We've helped many people start to overcome their phobias, and we always promise never to force anyone to hold or interact with our animals.  This applies to people of all ages and there is never a need to be embarrassed.