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Welcome to Darwin's Kingdom!

Who Are We?

Darwin’s Kingdom is a small organisation that specialises in bringing live exotic animals to your events!


We provide a complete hands-on experience where people can meet and handle our animals, learn more about them, and have a truly memorable time.  We have the ability to work in many different formats and in the past, we have visited schools, youth groups, and local charities, attended birthday parties, and even added excitement to school fun days. We strive to offer a completely customisable service and work with you to create the perfect event at a competitive price.



Due to the flexibility of our services we always recommend contacting us for a direct quote based on your event requirements. We do however offer some basic packages with a standard quote and these can be found on our services page.  If you work for a local charity organisation we can sometimes offer reduced quotes depending on your location and the services you request.


We Love Our Animals!

The heart of our organisation is our animals.  All of our animals are well-loved pets and as a result, our team are incredibly passionate when it comes to introducing them to people and educating people about them.  Currently, we own reptiles, amphibians, mammals, invertebrates, and one particularly noisy parrot, all of which have individual profiles on our animals page.  Our animal family often expands so we encourage everyone to check back regularly or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated.


You'll Love Our Team!

When at events our team members are always happy to answer any questions and supply plenty of great facts and information about our animals.  Their confidence and passion can only be fully appreciated in person and they will always make sure you are comfortable with the animals when it comes to handling.  They also know how to pose the animals best for photos!


We're Passionate About Our Work

Although we love bringing our animals to the public and encouraging people to interact with them, Darwin’s Kingdom also has a more serious side.  We are very aware of issues in the animal world and have many projects in development to help with these issues.  Habitat conservation, the impact of the pet trade, and the keeping of exotic animals are just some of our ‘hot topics’ and we are always happy to discuss them with people who are interested.  This is also an excellent tool for schools to utilise as we have in the past attended schools to discuss topics such as climate change and endangered species.  Our animals play an important part in this as well as we own many endangered species and animals threatened by circumstances such as the fur trade and the illegal pet trade.



For more information on any of our services or just for general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.