Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, & Bernadette the White's Tree Frogs  (Litoria caerulea)


When Were They Born? From 2008 to 2012.


What Do They Eat? They are mainly insectivores, eating a variety of large insects. They have been know to eat smaller frogs and mammals in the wild.


Where Do They Live? Australia


Here’s An Awesome Fact! Like all frogs White's tree frogs can absorb water and oxygen through their skin.  This allows them to spend long periods of time underwater.

Our quartet of White’s tree frogs hold a special place at Darwin’s Kingdom.  Sheldon, the oldest, was the first official member of our family.  He was later joined by Leonard, Howard, and Bernadette to form the group we have today.  They are all slightly different shades of grey and green, which is the easiest way for us to tell them apart.  These frogs are also our largest species with Bernadette just being able to fit in the palm of an adult’s hand! Handling frogs is done carefully as frogs are delicate animals and the oils humans produce on their skin can damage them.  We also monitor the handling and special measures are put in place to ensure the frogs’ welfare.