Merlin the Argentine Horned Frog

(Ceratophrys ornata)


When Was He Born? Spring 2018


What Does He Eat? He is primarily an insectivore and will eat insects such as locusts, cockroaches, and beetles.  He is also capable of eating small mammals, birds, and other amphibians.


Where Does He Live? Across South America, including Argentina and Brazil.


Here’s An Awesome Fact! His species is also known as a Pac-Man Frog because of his large mouth and huge appetite.   

Merlin is one of our more unusual looking animals, and in fact, he looks more like a toad than a frog.  His unusual colouring and markings allow him to camouflage on the forest floor and at Darwin's Kingdom, he can often be found buried under the ground with just his eyes peering out.  His large size and robust body make him easy to handle, even by children, and he has a very relaxed attitude to being handled.