Evey & Tobi the Tanukis

(Nyctereutes procyonoides)


When Were They Born? April 20th, 2014


What Do They Eat? They are omnivores and live off a mixed diet of meat, fish, and fruit.


Where Do They Live? Across parts of Japan and Russia.


Here’s An Awesome Fact! Tanukis may be small but they are mighty! They have been known to successfully hunt large animals such as deer by working in teams.



Our tanukis, Evey & Tobi, are siblings and have very different personalities, they even bicker like siblings!  Evey is much more stubborn than her brother and loves investigating the world around her.  Tobi’s favourite thing in life is food and he is generally more focused on his training and working with people. Tanukis bond very closely with their family members (including human members) and our pair are no exception.  They spend a lot of time outside of their enclosure exploring and going on walks, and they are always curious when meeting new people. 


Please be aware that tanukis have two different coats, a winter coat and a summer coat.