Darwin the Black Spiny-Tailed Iguana

(Ctenosaura similis)


When Was He Born? Sometime in 2011.


What Does He Eat? His diet mainly consists of plant matter and he is also offered small amounts of insects and meat.


Where Does He Live? Mexico


Here’s An Awesome Fact! These iguanas get their name from their spiked tail. They can use their tail as a defensive measure, whipping it at larger predators or anything that threatens them.

Darwin came to us from a breeder and is one of our largest animals in the Darwin’s Kingdom family. He is also lucky enough to be the animal named after our organisation and is our official Team DK mascot! Like so many of our animals he loves his food and is particularly fond of locusts, which he gets as a form of enrichment and as a treat. Some of his other preferred foods are peppers and dandelion leaves. Due to an accident when he was younger he has a kink in his tail that may be noticeable to some. As he has grown this has started to disappear and it certainly doesn’t detract away from how handsome he is.