Diana & Alexa.jpg

Diana & Alexa the Giant African Land Snails

(Achatina fulica)


How Big Do They Get? The average length of this species is around 20 cm! However, Diana & Alexa may not grow as large as this.


What Do They Eat? A wide variety of plants, fruits & vegetables, usually whatever they come across while searching for food.


Where Do They Live? In the forests of East Africa.


Here’s An Awesome Fact! Snails need to have lots of calcium in their diet to ensure their shells grow strong and healthy.  In the wild, they will include calcium in thie diet by eating bones, small stones, and even sand!

Diana & Alexa came to us as a rescue case and had come from a home where they were not being properly cared for.  With lots of TLC and plenty of food, these two snails and now thriving under our care.  Diana in the larger of the two while Alexa is quite a bit smaller.  Both of them are confident and are fantastic for handling (although watch out for the slime!).