Chester the Gargoyle Gecko               (Rhacodactylus auriculatus)


When Was She Born? Summer 2013


What Does She Eat? She is primarily a frugivore, eating a variety of fruit and occasionally insects such as locusts.


Where Does She Live? New Caledonia.


Here’s An Awesome Fact! Gargoyle geckos do not have eyelids. They use their tongue to keep their eyes clean of dust and dirt.

Chester came to us after living at her previous home for only a few days.  She had been an impulse buy and her new owners did not fully understand the commitment they had made.  Thankfully they made the right decision to find a new home for her and she now has a permanent home at Darwin’s Kingdom.  Originally we assumed Chester was male as she was too young to tell otherwise.  We now know she is in fact a female and even laid infertile eggs for us to confirm that.  She is a friendly gecko who is used to being handled by many different age groups.  She does jump around occasionally but this is natural behaviour for her species.