COVID-19: How You Can Help


The last year has not been kind to us, as we're sure everyone knows.

We've had to cancel numerous animal experience bookings and suspended business for a very long period of time.  As many of our clients know, our animals are our pets and our family. We run Darwin's Kingdom entirely out of our own home and every animal receives the best possible care and attention.  Throughout COVID-19 we have still been caring for our animals, and this means we are still spending the same amount of money on food, suppliers, and veterinary care.

When you hire us for an animal experience, a majority of the cost goes back towards our animals, so with business being slow, we have less money coming in to cover their care.  By donating to our animals' care, you can help ease the financial burden and uncertainly that has come with the unsettling events of the past year.

Any donation is greatly appreciated, and even £1 can make a difference.  If you're unable to donate, liking and sharing our posts on social media, leaving us a positive review online, or even just passing on our story through word of mouth are all actions that can make a world of difference for us!

What Your Donations Can Do


A replacement heat bulb - a vital pieces of equipment for our animals


Feeds our tortoises for a day (yes, they eat THAT much!). 


Feeds our insectivores for a week. This includes a majority of our animals including frogs, geckos, and other lizards.


Covers all of our expenses for a week!