Morticia & Gomez the Jungle Carpet Pythons               

(Morelia spilota cheynei)


When Were They Born? 2011 and 2009.


What Do They Eat? They are carnivores, eating rats and medium sized birds such as quail.


Where Do They Live? Queensland, Australia.


Here’s An Awesome Fact! There are eight subspecies of carpet python spreading across Australia and its various habitats. Our subspecies of carpet python is native to the rainforests.

Between the two of them, Morticia and Gomez have helped a large amount of people overcome their fear of snakes.  They are both friendly but are also quite different.  Morticia is calmer and moves more slowly, however she is larger and certainly heavier.  Her calm disposition makes her popular with young children and people more unsure of large snakes. Gomez is faster when it comes to handling and is much more curious of his surroundings.  Being a male snake he is smaller than Morticia and also lighter to hold. He seems to have an infectious personality and people find his curiosity endearing.  Although they are a cohabiting pair they attend events either separately or together.