Ringo the Argentine Black & White Tegu

(Salvator merianae)


When Was He Born? Early 2013


What Does He Eat? Tegus are omnivores and will eat a wide variety of meats, insects, whole prey, fruit, and vegetables.


Where Does He Live? The humid woodlands of Argentina.


Here’s An Awesome Fact! Tegus are considered to be intelligent animals, capable of responding to training and having problem solving abilities.

Although he may look intimidating Ringo is actually incredibly friendly and good natured and even have a reputation for licking people.  Being an animal that is evolved for both digging and climbing, he does have very sharp claws so he is not used for full handling.  Instead we encourage people to stroke him, have him on their laps, or interact with him in other ways.  Ringo has a ravenous appetite so we often do feeding demonstrations with him as well.  He can often be seen sporting a snazzy bandana and pulling the crowds in at summer fetes.