Bucky & Taz the Australian Water Dragons

(Intellagama lesueurii)


When Were They Born? Spring 2013


What Do They Eat? They are fed on a primarily insectivorous diet and their diet is supplemented with whole prey and some vegetables and fruit.

Where Do They Live? Eastern Australia


Here’s An Awesome Fact! When threatened an Australian water dragon will fully submerge itself under the water to avoid being detected.  While submerged they can hold their breath for up to 90 minutes.

We have two male Australian water dragons, Bucky and Taz.  They are brothers from the same clutch of eggs but are housed in separate enclosures as males are prone to fighting.  Bucky is the more friendly of the two, and is easy to handle and is engaging with people.  He will often hitch a ride on a team member’s head or shoulder while they are working.  Taz is not available for events due to his skittish nature and the fact he becomes stressed when handled.  Despite having very different personalities they share one thing in common, their love of food.  Bucky is often available for feeding demonstrations where he can truly show off his speed and massive appetite.