Ally, Will, & Ed the Spiny Tailed Monitors

(Varanus acanthurus)


When Were They Born? Summer 2014


What Do They Eat? They are insectivores and eat a variety of insects including locusts, crickets, and roaches.


Where Do They Live? Northern Australia


Here’s An Awesome Fact! Spiny tailed monitors have excellent control of their tails, using them to grasp onto branches and rocks for added stability.

Each of our three spiny tailed monitors (or ackies as they are commonly known) have distinct personalities.  Ed is the largest and is quick moving and confident. She has the most ravenous appetite and is often the first one tucking in at feeding time.  Will is the smallest and as a result can be skittish and shy.  She holds her own in the group and is often seen stealing food from the other two.  Ally is the middle sized ackie and is the most friendly of the three.  This is partially due to his personality but also due to him having to undergo veterinary attention for several weeks after an injury.  The necessary treatment built up his tolerance of handling, making him much more accustomed to human contact.